Committee Profiles 2017-2018

Current Committee

Co-Presidents: Bethan Thomas and Pietro Hughes

CONSOCpietro pic.jpg

I’m Bethan and I am a third year biologist at Jesus College. I volunteer weekly for the entomology department in the Oxford Natural History Museum during term time and during the hols I help out with conservation projects in Cyprus. I’m currently researching Siamese Fighting Fish as part of my undergraduate degree and am currently investigating the species in Thailand. I hope to see you at one of our talks!

I’m Pietro and I’m a second year biologist at St Peter’s! I’ve loved the wild outdoors for as long as I can remember, with hiking and birding two of my foremost hobbies. I volunteer with the RSPB (and would really recommend any such practical conservation work), love Attenborough documentaries (of course!) and am developing a strong interest in conservation policy. I look forward to meeting you at our events!


Treasurer: Kuba Wiaterek


Kuba is a second year Maths student at St. Anne’s. Years of hiking and mountain biking made him a mountain lover. He really likes Blue Planet and has been in the OUNCS since February 2018.

Secretary: Hannah Puleston



Speaker Secretary: Laura Cooper



 Practical Conservation Officer: VACANT contact President if interested

The role of the Practical Conservation Officer includes arranging trips to sites and trusts of interest, and volunteering opportunities for members of the society to help with Conservation schemes.

IT Officer: VACANT contact President if interested

The role of IT Officer includes running the website, facebook and social media of the society.

Previous Committees


President: Matthew Sutton

Treasurer: Jack Davies

Secretary: Yi Yeoh

Practical Conservation Officer: Brittany Maxted

Advisors: Kim Jacobsen and Abigail Motley


Chair: Martyna Zelek

 Vice-Chair: Ben Balmford

Speaker Secretaries: Maia Perraudeau and Jake Quinn

Logistics: Katy Chapman

Secretary: Sirimon Thomas

Treasurer: Jack Davies

Blog and social media organiser: Yi Yeoh

Sponsorship rep: Matt Sutton

Practical conservation officer: Brittany Maxted

Advisors: Kim Jacobsen and Abigail Motley



Chair: Ben Balmford

Secretary: Kaitlin Deutsch

Treasurer: Sirimon Thomas

IT and Communications: Jack Common

Practical Conservation Officers: Owain Turner, Max Brown

Advisor: Kim Jacobsen


Co-Presidents (2015): Emilie Brignall & Richard Holbrow

President (2014): Abigail Motley

Secretary: Ruth Ng

Treasurer: Emilie Brignall

IT Coordinator: Richard Holbrow

Fundraiser & Events Organiser : Tom White

Speaker Secretaries: Alan Ward, Ben Balmford & Laura Perry

Advisor: Kim Jacobsen

2013 – 2014

Secretary and Fundraiser: Benno Simmons
President: Tom Timberlake
Vice-President and Treasurer: Tom Bregman
Secretary and Fundraiser: Benno Simmons
IT Coordinator: Jeremy Cusack
Event organiser: Abigail Motley
Speaker  Secretaries: Priscilla Corbett, Harriet Lambert, Amber de Vere
Advisor: Kim Jacobsen



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