Committee Profiles 2017-2018

Current Committee

President: Matt Sutton


Matt is a fourth year Earth Scientist at Teddy Hall. Inspired into natural sciences through hiking, photography and David Attenborough documentaries – his main interests are in climate, palaeobiology and the evolution of ecosystems on geological timescales

Treasurer: Jack Davies


Jack is a third-year biologist at St Hugh’s College. Fascinated by wildlife for as long as he can remember, he has developed a special interest in birds and insects, particularly moths and beetles. He has worked on the conservation of British dung beetles at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and through his undergraduate research project

Secretary: Yi Yeoh


Yi is a third year Biology student at LMH with an interest in plants and wildlife conservation. She has been involved in plant propagation, species rediscoveries and habitat restoration works in the tropics and she enjoys taking trips to nature reserves to photograph plant and animal life

Practical Conservation Officer: Brittany Maxted


Brittany is a third year Biology student at The Queen’s College. She has been volunteering for conservation charities since the age of 14 and is keen to encourage others to take an interest in conservation issues. Practical conservation is a great activity for mental and physical wellbeing, and it helps to improve natural history knowledge. Plus, volunteer work always looks great on your CV! Each term Brittany will be organising day trips to local nature reserves, giving you all the opportunity to get hands on with habitat management, infrastructure maintenance, and hopefully some wildlife watching in-between!

 Advisors: Kim Jacobsen and Abigail Motley


Kim is the founder of the OUNCS. When he started his degree at Oxford he was surprised that there wasn’t already a conservation society at the university, so decided to set one up. His research interests lie at the intersection between the natural and social sciences. He’s interested in finding ways to use social science to ensure more successful conservation and to use ecological methods to study human behaviour in novel ways.



Abigail studied biological sciences at Oxford from 2012 – 2015, carried out a research internship with the Oxford Long Term Ecology Lab from 2015-2016 and is now a DPhil candidate on the NERC Doctoral Training Programme in Environmental Sciences. Since 2012, Abigail has been Events Organiser, President and all-round-general-fan of OUNCS. Abigail’s research interests lie in the use of palaeoecology in conservation policy, restoration ecology and temperate woodland ecology. She is passionate about educating people on the awesomeness of Atlantic hazel woods on a mizzly Irish afternoon.

Previous Committees


Chair: Martyna Zelek

 Vice-Chair: Ben Balmford


Speaker secretaries: Maia Perraudeau and Jake Quinn


Logistics: Katy Chapman

Secretary: Sirimon Thomas

Treasurer: Jack Davies

Blog and social media organiser: Yi Yeoh

Sponsorship rep: Matt Sutton

Practical conservation officer: Brittany Maxted

 Advisors: Kim Jacobsen and Abigail Motley



Chair: Ben Balmford

Secretary: Kaitlin Deutsch

Treasurer: Sirimon Thomas

IT and Communications: Jack Common

Practical Conservation Officers: Owain Turner, Max Brown

Advisor: Kim Jacobsen


Co-Presidents (2015): Emilie Brignall & Richard Holbrow

President (2014): Abigail Motley

Secretary: Ruth Ng

Treasurer: Emilie Brignall

IT Coordinator: Richard Holbrow

Fundraiser & Events Organiser : Tom White

Speaker Secretaries: Alan Ward, Ben Balmford & Laura Perry

Advisor: Kim Jacobsen

2013 – 2014

Secretary and Fundraiser: Benno Simmons
President: Tom Timberlake
Vice-President and Treasurer: Tom Bregman
Secretary and Fundraiser: Benno Simmons
IT Coordinator: Jeremy Cusack
Event organiser: Abigail Motley
Speaker  Secretaries: Priscilla Corbett, Harriet Lambert, Amber de Vere
Advisor: Kim Jacobsen


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