Current Committee

Co-Presidents: Bethan Thomas and Pietro Hughes


I’m Bethan and I am a third year biologist at Jesus College. I volunteer weekly for the entomology department in the Oxford Natural History Museum during term time and during the hols I help out with conservation projects in Cyprus. I’m currently researching Siamese Fighting Fish as part of my undergraduate degree and am currently investigating the species in Thailand. I hope to see you at one of our talks!


pietro pic.jpg

I’m Pietro and I’m a second year biologist at St Peter’s! I’ve loved the wild outdoors for as long as I can remember, with hiking and birding two of my foremost hobbies. I volunteer with the RSPB (and would really recommend any such practical conservation work), love Attenborough documentaries (of course!) and am developing a strong interest in conservation policy. I look forward to meeting you at our events!

Treasurer: Kuba Wiaterek


I am a second year Maths student at St. Anne’s. Years of hiking and mountain biking made me a mountain lover. I really like Blue Planet and I’ve been in the OUNCS since February 2018.


Secretary: Hannah Puleston

hannah pulston photo.jpg

I’m third year Biology student at Pembroke. I have been interested in ecology and conservation for a long time, and have recently spent two months at a research centre in Kenya, studying road ecology in a savannah ecosystem. I am looking forward to welcoming all the new members to the society next year!



Speaker Secretary: Laura Cooper


 Practical Conservation Officer: Erin Connolly

erin connolly.jpeg

I’m Erin and I’m a second year biologist at Lady Margaret Hall. I grew up in Arizona’s beautiful Sonoran Desert, so have loved the natural world for as long as I can remember. I currently work with WildCRU’s badger team, and hope to pursue a career applying wildlife conservation in the field. Please do come along to any event that interests you!

IT Officer: Miranda Stevens


I am a third year biology student at Jesus. I have a long-standing passion for conservation and have been out on conservation expeditions to Greece and Peru. At the moment I am focusing on the evolution of avian flight for her undergrad project. I cover the website, mailing list, and social media for the society so feel free to email me with any questions. Otherwise I hope to see you at one the talks.





Information about previous committees can be found here.


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