Conflict and Charisma

Our Hilary 2013 event - ‘Conflict and Charisma’ - got off to a positive start with a steady stream of people, from a range of different backgrounds, filing into the somewhat cramped St. Peter’s College room. In addition to our crowd of regular members, there were a number of new faces at this event (many … Continue reading Conflict and Charisma

All about EDGE: 1st joint event with BioSoc

February 2013 brought us our first exciting joint event with BioSoc: A talk given by Carly Waterman, the EDGE Programme Manager. EDGE stands for Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered, and the project is all about saving the world’s most unusual creatures. We are all familiar with the reasons to focus on threatened or endangered species, … Continue reading All about EDGE: 1st joint event with BioSoc

Conservation in Conflict Zones

How does political conflict influence the protection of vulnerable natural areas? How does social conflict between local groups and conservationists affect the successful implementation of conservation strategies? In this event, we wished to explore the effect of social conflict and turmoil on the conservation effort. The lecture room was filled to capacity as lots of … Continue reading Conservation in Conflict Zones