Conflict and Charisma

Our Hilary 2013 event – ‘Conflict and Charisma’ – got off to a positive start with a steady stream of people, from a range of different backgrounds, filing into the somewhat cramped St. Peter’s College room. In addition to our crowd of regular members, there were a number of new faces at this event (many of them from WildCRU) who had come along to hear about some of the issues surrounding the conservation of charismatic mammals and the international issue of human-wildlife conflict.

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Marine Conservation

So finally its time to trawl up some memories of the marine event and highlight once again the importance of doing every little thing we can to help out our long-suffering oceans…

Not to be daunted by one of the largest environmental challenges that the human race is currently facing, for our second event, ONCS took on marine conservation as the topic of discussion. We were a little more daunted by the large audience that turned up for the event – but happily everyone was content to cram themselves into the room in Pembroke College, or even hang out in the hallway outside in order to listen to the speakers.  Thanks to everyone who tolerated the resulting humid conditions!

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Revisiting Reintroductions

So to start our venture into the sphere of conservation challenges, we held our first discussion event on species reintroductions in November 2011. The excited (and slightly nervous) committee were massively pleased to see a huge turn-out. Luckily, the lack of access to a promised projector had us relocated into a bigger lecture room in the college, where the thought-provoking evening of talks could be heard by all.

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