Please email a bio (max 200 words) and your three preferred positions ranked. Here are the available roles:


You will perform three main roles as president of OUNCS. You will lead the society, chairing the committee meetings, overseeing the activities of the other committee members and guiding the society towards what you want it to be. Alongside this, you will be organising talks with the Events Officer, which involves reaching out to potential speakers, booking venues and advertising the events. Finally, a high level of commitment is essential as you will be the face of OUNCS. You should attend as many of the events as possible and be available to answer all and any questions people may have. The society is ever expanding and there are still many tasks to complete. Nevertheless, the role is not especially time consuming and just requires someone with a keen interest in conservation, organisational skills and ideas to help improve the society.

IT Officer

As IT officer, you will be managing the website and sending weekly emails during term time to advertise events. Don’t worry if you do not know how to run a mailing list or don’t have any previous experience with WordPress, both websites are very straightforward and we will help you get set up.


The secretary is responsible for liaising with OUNCS’s university officer. This includes re-registering the club with the university at the beginning of each academic year, informing the clubs officer of any changes to the committee, sending the clubs officer a copy of the previous term’s accounts at the beginning of each term and making sure the clubs constitution is up to date. The secretary also writes up the minutes for each committee meeting.

Sponsorship Officer

Your role will involve sourcing external funding for OUNCS so the society can run a range of interesting talks and events.


As treasurer, you will be handling OUNCS’s accounts and making payments, including reimbursements.

Practical conservation officer

This role involves the organisation of conservation-related outings. Past ventures have included Wytham Woods, Harcourt Arboretum and Oxford Botanical Gardens, but more ambitious collaborations (with the Exploration Club, for example) could also be possible!

We look forward to reading your applications! If you have any questions please feel free to email us or message us on our Facebook page.

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