OUNCS is looking for its new committee for Michaelmas 2019! We are advertising for the positions:

(Co-)President: Supervise the general direction of the society, coordination of all the roles on the committee, organisation of events and acting as figurehead for the Society.

Secretary: Liaise regularly with the clubs officer of the university and write up the minutes for any meetings the committee has.

IT Officer: Maintaining website, mailing list and Facebook page.

Speaker Secretary: Organise speakers and their needs during events.

Sponsorship Officer: Generate external funding for the society.

Treasurer: Responsible for the society’s accounts and making payments, including reimbursements.

Practical Conservation Officer: Organise conservation-related trips, such as Wytham Woods, Harcourt Arboretum and the Oxford Botanic Gardens but perhaps could go further afield in future!

We would be happy to provide more information on what is involved – please get in contact with the Society or talk to one of the committee at one of our events. We will be selecting the new committee before the end of Hilary term. The new committee members will play an active part in Trinity term, learning the ropes from our current committee, and then taking charge in Michaelmas for the next year!

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